As coaches, volunteers, parents and supports, as well as other adults who play a role in amateur sport, we are not just teaching skills for sport: we are teaching skills for life.

This free online course provides you with the practical skills needed to support athletes and sports participants with mental health challenges, managing emotions, building healthy relationships and overcoming challenges.

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After taking this course you will have the skills to:

  • Understand mental health of participants at different ages and stages of development
  • Recognize the mental health needs of participants and support them when they are facing mental health challenges
  • Build strong and supportive relationships with the young people you are coaching
  • Manage emotional moments, crisis situations and help participants learn healthy coping skills
  • Help athletes and sport participants appreciate the importance of problem-solving, goal setting and growing after challenges


This course is divided into five short sections (10–15 minutes each). You can take section individually, and do not need to complete all five at once.

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